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Friday, July 25, 2014

                                                  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Elaine's elegant jewelry set up for Studio Tour 2014
Ellen's sculpture pieces on display along with shelves of functional pots.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

           The line up for this summer's entertainment in Central Park, you don't want to miss it!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Wayne County Arts Alliance update

   The WCAA has grown another year older, completing its 12th year. Moving to 1023 Main Street at Maude Alley gave our members the opportunity to share their work with the community. We held some member shows and solo shows, with more to come. If you have interest in showing, the opportunity is there. Information can be found on our newly created blog, Many thanks to Gloria Tabares, who has helped create our blog and website, full of information about this summer’s studio tour.  Our annual general membership meeting was held on April 27th with reports from each committee. The Monday movie night series is finishing out another successful season and will be preparing a new line up of interesting movies for the upcoming fall. Summer is the time to get out and enjoy all of what the outdoors can offer, so movie night is also doing other things! The Studio Tour Committee has worked tirelessly making sure all “I’s “ are dotted and “T’s” crossed, which is a bigger job than anyone would think, unless they are on the committee! Cynthia Hanson has been the chairperson for this huge event. Our membership has increased with the constant attention from the membership committee’s hard work….thanks to Nancy Dymond and Yanni Glykokokalos. We thank all members from all the committees for their dedication to the WCAA, along with the board members’ dedication to help infuse more art into our community. It takes many hands to keep the Wayne County Arts Alliance in working order.
   Paul Ludick, who has served as president for the past year and has worked tirelessly to keep WCAA at the forefront of what is happening in our community, stepped down following the member meeting. We recognize the hard work and devoted hours Paul has given our organization and thank him for his tremendous leadership. Ellen Silberlicht has now moved into the president’s position with the board electing Colette Ballew as 1st VP. The remaining board members are Ted Malakin-2nd VP, David Harvey-Treasurer, Mary Colgan-Secretary, Cheryl Batcher, Joe Kluck, and Gina Lenz.
   At the member meeting there were no nominations for new board members, thus, the board has appointed Pat Dennis and Anna Scarfalloto to round out the board.
   The Wayne County Arts Alliance is just that….a community based volunteer organization for artists and art supporters in our county. We are a working board, which means, each person is involved with a committee. We are encouraging more people to become involved. More hands create connections within our community and less work for all, keeping the joy in the organization and passing it on to our community.
   There is a bumper sticker that reads “Be the change you wish to see in the world” If we want Wayne County to support the arts and offer more in the Arts, we must step up and help make that happen.  
   The current show at the WCAA Gallery @ Maude Alley is called Collective Mind. This is an opportunity for all to share their vision for our community and our organization. We hope you make time to stop in and leave your mark. On Saturday, the 31st of May, we will have a closing of this show from 5-7. Please come out and see what others, like you, envision for our area. There will be music by Moppy and the Goons. After our “closing” celebration, we will return to the regular openings, held every first Saturday of the month from 4-7. There is some great artwork to see this summer and fall. Please take the time to enjoy the artwork on display.
   The board is grateful for those who have helped continue the WCAA’s mission and invites others to get more involved.
Any suggestions, questions, and what not, please send to We hope to hear from you!
Wayne County can become a dynamic community supporting the arts, we just need your involvement.

Enjoy the summer months…….we’ve all been waiting for abundant gardens and plenty of sunshine!

See you at the openings!
ellen silberlicht

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The May show at the gallery is where you have a chance to participate. Add your 2 cents....3 cents if you have more! There are some shared visions already posted....but there is room for more ideas! Share your mind, your vision, what do you wish for our community, for the Wayne County Arts Alliance? Stop in and post your ideas. There are blank papers for large ideas and post-it-notes for comments.